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Candidate frequently asked questions


Here are some frequently asked questions when considering LOCUM work opportunities

Am I eligible to locum?

You are free to locum if you hold general registration with AHPRA or MCNZ and do not have any conditions on your registration that prohibit you from doing locum work.

If you are already employed full time by a hospital you may need to be granted a secondary employment form that allows you to undertake work outside of your current parameters.

You will need a valid visa that allows working rights which include – Permanent Residency,

Citizenship, TSS. Global Medics is an approved sponsor so we can provide TSS visa sponsorship in specific circumstances.

• Minimum of PGY2

• General or Specialist Registration with AHPRA or MHNZ

• Australian citizenship or permanent residency

• Some candidates may be eligible for sponsorship of TSS visa – minimum of PGY4 and locum commitment period of (generally) 12 months as a minimum

Can I locum before I finish my training?

Absolutely you can. Depending on the amount of training you are doing, you are free to take on ad-hoc shifts between your training schedule. At this stage you would need to be PG2+

We have numerous opportunities at RMO and registrar level, with many junior doctors taking breaks in training to locum.

How can I locum if I am already working full time?

Most of the Doctors we work with already work full time. The advantageous thing about locum work is that you are able to take work on where you feel it is convenient.

It’s a fantastic way to work in a variety of different locations across Australia and gain more experience, whilst being financially beneficial.

We have shifts available in most hospitals across Australia. You can choose a last-minute shift at a local hospital with escalated rates, take a weekend shift or a working holiday interstate.

Is there any flexibility with rosters if I have other commitments?

Yes absolutely. Flexibility is one of the biggest draw cards to locum work. Feel free to discuss this with your Global Medics consultant as it’s the easiest way to find out all your options.

What is included in the locum?

Many regional and rural hospitals provide return flights within Australia and New Zealand and accommodation for the locum duration. A fleet vehicle or hire car may also be provided depending on the location, proximity of accommodation to the hospital and on-call requirements of the role.

There may be some instances where a hospital in a metropolitan location provides this also.

Can I bring my family?

Locums provide a great opportunity to have a working break with your family. Many hospital locations offer accommodation options suitable for families and sometimes pets. All you will need to do is to cover the costs of travel for your significant others. Talk to your Global Medics consultant today about all your options.

What are the costs for me?

Your costs will come in the form of documentation that is needed e.g. WWCC. Your dedicated compliance consultant can guide you through all of this and help you every step of the way. In terms of overall cost. It is very minimal but also essential to be able to undertake locum work. If you are bringing your family you will need to cover the costs of their flights. We pay for your national police check so there is no out of pocket expensive for you.

How easy is it to locum?

To undertake any locum work you will need to provide documentation of compliance in line with the respective state.

Luckily you have a compliance expert who will walk you through this. Initially it may seem like a lot of information. Regardless if you work for the hospital direct or through Global Medics, you would still be required to provide all this information.

The benefit of working through Global Medics is that we do all the work for you. Once we have all your paperwork, we safely store it under your file so that we can provide it to any hospital you choose to locum at.

What paperwork do I need to complete?

Each hospital service has specific paperwork. We have a team of experienced Compliance Consultants who can guide you on what is required per locum booking and assist with collation of all the paperwork. We also assist with all third party applications on your behalf such as Provider Numbers.

• To start: Current CV, 3 reference checks, Global Medics Registration pack which contains our privacy statement

• Paperwork outlined in Global Medics Registration pack includes but not limited to ID, CRC consent, Immunisation, Qualifications, Indemnity and more

• Standard paperwork required by region or state

• Standard paperwork required by hospital

Tell me about your Concierge Service

Our dedicated Compliance Consultant also offer a concierge serve where we assist with end-to-end mobilisation of each locum booking. We are the liaison between you and the
hospital for:

• Flights

• Car hire

• Train/buses

• Accommodation (including pet friendly where reasonable and approved by hospital)

• After Hours Service available in the evenings and weekends

What support will I have when I’m on the locum?

Knowledgeable consultants work closely with our hospitals and will advise you on the support structure, the complexity of your workload and everything you will need to perform in your locum assignment.

Your consultant or our afterhours service will be able to support you and answer any questions you may have prior to commencing, during and after your locum assignment.

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