Learn more about how our industry leading Compliance team support you with our end-to-end concierge service. 


Global Medics has an experienced and dedicated Compliance team.  


Our approach to compliance is industry-leading, adhering to state/region, hospital, and internal standards instilling confidence in our service, for our clients and candidates alike. Striving for a seamless compliance process for all parties is made possible by each specialty having a compliance team member, allowing us to be experts in our field.

We forecast as far ahead as possible for our clients and we engage with you before you even need to reach out to us for documentation. 


For our candidates, we have many resources available to help expedite the credentialing process, using programs and assisting where we can. We also assist and run all third-party checks for the candidate and aim to prevent any double-up of documentation throughout the auditing system.


We are the liaison between candidates and the hospital, with each of our Compliance Consultants offering a concierge service covering end-to-end mobilisation of each locum booking. This includes:


  • Flights
  • Car hire
  • Train/buses
  • Accommodation (including family and pet friendly were reasonable and approved by the hospital)
  • After Hours Service available evenings and weekends.

We are proactive and enjoy being the conduit between all parties to ensure the locum booking runs seamlessly.