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Welcome to our Global Medics community!

We're here to help! Contact your consultant if you have any queries. 

To ensure you have a safe and satisfying experience during your permanent or temporary contract with Global Medics, we've prepared some useful information for you.

Key contact information

Our Recruitment and Compliance Teams will help ensure your Global Medics experience is smooth and rewarding.

Contact us on:
02 8248 2900

We’re here to help with any questions you have about your job with us, including things like:
• Payroll
• Time sheets
• Payslips
• Grievances
• Contract details
• Contract extensions and changes
• After hours support
• Travel & Accommodation

Global Medics payroll

Global Medics processes ACN contractor payments daily (Monday – Friday). PAYG payroll is processed every Tuesday and Thursday.

Timesheet deadline

All ACN contractor timesheets are required to be received along with a corresponding invoice by 8.30 am for payment the following business day.

All PAYG timesheets are required to be received by 8.30 am on Monday for payment on Tuesday, and by 8.30 am on Wednesday for payment on Thursday.

All timesheets require a signature by a supervisor within the department eligible to authorise locum timesheets.

Please return a signed timesheet to email: or fax: 02 9475 0868.

How to submit your timesheet

Step 1 Download the Global Medics Timesheet Template or request one from your Recruitment Consultant.

Step 2 Complete your timesheet and obtain a signature from a senior doctor within the department eligible to authorise locum timesheets.

Step 3 Send your completed timesheet accompanied by an invoice (for contractors only) to email: or fax: 02 9475 0868.

If you have difficulties submitting your timesheet, please get in touch with your Recruitment Consultant

Payslips and remittance advices

Your payslip or remittance advice will be emailed to you after the payment has been made.

For PAYG payroll, your payslip will be emailed from Employment Hero.

For ACN contractor payments, your remittance advice will be emailed from Xero accounting software.

If you have issues accessing your payslip or remittance advice, please email

How to update your details

You can update your details by contacting your Recruitment Consultant, by emailing: or phoning: 02 8248 2900. Personal information you may want to update include, but not limited to:

• Residential and postal addresses
• Changes in the Bank details
• Contact details - email, mobile
• Emergency contact changes
• Tax and Super details
• Availability for locum or permanent work
• Changes in Medical Specialty focus


Contract amendments

Please email your Recruitment Consultant if there are any changes to your contract including extensions, cancellations or any other changes. We will follow up with the department and issue a new contract or amendment.

Access the Employee Assistance Program

Call 1800 818 728 to access the EAP Service

What happens in counselling? 

Our professional counsellor will work with you to assist in managing or resolving any concerns that negatively impact your life. EAP counselling is designed to be short term, solution focused counselling. If you are needing guidance, give AccessEAP a call to find out how we can help. We’re available by telephone 24/7 to provide immediate help for urgent matters.

Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary, confidential and complimentary counselling service. It is a short-term, solution focused approach to help you enhance your overall wellbeing.

EAP can assist when personal, family or work related concerns are impacting on your health or quality of life and also when you need guidance on professional or personal goals or effective communication skills. Through professional and experienced counselling sessions, you can achieve your full potential.  


Many life challenges and changes are best resolved with assistance from an experienced counsellor. You may want to consider seeing an AccessEAP counsellor for the following:

• Needing support to help achieve your goals
• Missing deadlines
• Involved in conflicts frequently
• Needing new strategies on professional or personal goals
• Improving work performance
• Distracted by issues at work or at home
• Not feeling your usual self
• Feeling overwhelmed

What to do in case of injury

Step 1. Seek required medical assistance

Step 2. Report the work injury to your employer 

Step 3. Complete required documentation from your employer

Step 4. Make a visit to your health care provider and inform them the injury is a work-related

Step 5. Present a written notice to your employer

Step 6. Keep a diary of all missed days of work, all travel, and all out-of-pocket expenses

‘Remember - Strict time limits apply’ 

What to do if I am sick

Step 1 Inform your Recruitment Consultant
Call and inform your Recruitment Consultant as soon as you become aware you are unable to perform your role.

Step 2 Inform the department
Need to write something here. Not 100% sure of this process.

Step 3 See your doctor
See your doctor and get a medical certificate to provide to your Recruitment Consultant.

Employee Benefits

  • Travel Concierge Services
  • Weekly Payroll
  • Dedicated Recruitment Consultant
  • Dedicated Compliance Consultant
  • Living Away from Home Salary Packaging