Your guide to becoming a General Practitioner in Australia

Standard Pathway

In the Standard Pathway you are required to complete 12 months of full-time supervised practice. Once you have completed supervised practices, workplace-based assessment or pass the AMC clinical exam (if not already completed) you can then apply for general AHPRA registration to enter into a Fellowship program.

Getting there:

Part A: Sit the AMC CAT MCQ Exam

• Ensure you meet AHPRA English language skills registration standard
• Apply for the AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ examination
• Complete your application to the AMC
• Schedule your exam as per your exam confirmation
• Complete the exam
• Receive exam result

Part B: Sit the AMC Clinical Exam

• Schedule your exam via the AMC candidate portal
• Complete exam
• Apply for AMC certificate if exam passed

Part C: Job Search and secure an offer of employment in General Practice 

We will work with you to find suitable job opportunities that meet your eligibility criteria, lifestyle and preferences. 
• Undertake a general practice experience assessment.
• If you have three years of full-time equivalent experience working in general practice or primary care, we can explore job opportunities in DPA locations in the following settings:
o General practice
o After-hours general practice
o Medical deputising/retrieval
o Aboriginal health services.
• If you do not have three years of full-time equivalent experience in general practice or primary care, you have the option to apply for registration to work in a non-specialist hospital position

Part D: Applying to AHPRA for your appropriate registration 

Together we will ensure that you have met the registration standards that apply to all registration applicants:
o Continuing professional development (CPD)
o Criminal history
o English language skills
o Professional indemnity insurance
o Recency of practice.
• Provide evidence of three years of full-time equivalent experience in general practice or primary care
• Complete your AHPRA registration application:
o If you have passed both AMC exams, apply for provisional registration
o If you have passed only the AMC CAT MCQ exam, apply for limited registration
o Excluding your PESCI outcome (see Step 6), the remainder of your application for registration must be complete

Part E: PESCI – undertake your Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview

We will support you to submit your application to sit the PESCI with the RACGP or another AMC Accredited PESCI provider
• You will need to prepare for PESCI
• Sit the PESCI
• Receive your PESCI outcome report. The report will also be sent to your work sponsor or employer and to AHPRA directly

Part F: Complete your AHPRA registration application 

• You will need to present to an AHPRA office for an identification check 
• Wait for your AHPRA registration to be finalised 

Part G: Right to Work/Visa application (if relevant)

Once you are granted AHPRA in-principle approval, we will assist you with your application for the Temporary Skills Shortage 482 – Medium Term Stream Visa. 

Part H: Apply for your Medicare Provider Number 

• Complete a paper application to obtain a Medicare Provider Number 

Part I: Complete 12 months of supervised practices 

• Complete 12 months of full-time supervised practice
• Undergo a workplace-based assessment or pass the AMC clinical exam
• Key Feature Program exam 
• Clinical Exam
Once all components are met, you can then apply to AHPRA for your general registration, at this point, you are eligible to apply to enter a Fellowship program.
Your journey onwards will look something like:
• GP training programme 
o Must complete the Fellowship program training requirements 
• Sit the RACGP Fellowship exams
• Apply for Fellowship 

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