Your guide to becoming a General Practitioner in Australia

Standard Pathway

In the Standard Pathway you are required to complete 12 months of full-time supervised practice. Once you have completed supervised practices, workplace-based assessment or pass the AMC clinical exam (if not already completed) you can then apply for general AHPRA registration to enter into a Fellowship program.

Getting there:

Part A: Sit the AMC CAT MCQ Exam

Ensure you meet AHPRA English language skills registration standard
Apply for the AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ examination
Complete your application to the AMC
Schedule your exam as per your exam confirmation
Complete the exam
Receive exam result

Part B: Sit the AMC Clinical Exam

Schedule your exam via the AMC candidate portal
Complete exam
Apply for AMC certificate if exam passed

Part C: Job Search and secure an offer of employment in General Practice 

We will work with you to find suitable job opportunities that meet your eligibility criteria, lifestyle and preferences. 
Undertake a general practice experience assessment.
If you have three years of full-time equivalent experience working in general practice or primary care, we can explore job opportunities in DPA locations in the following settings:
o General practice
o After-hours general practice
o Medical deputising/retrieval
o Aboriginal health services.
If you do not have three years of full-time equivalent experience in general practice or primary care, you have the option to apply for registration to work in a non-specialist hospital position

Part E: Applying to AHPRA for your appropriate registration 

Together we will ensure that you have met the registration standards that apply to all registration applicants:
o Continuing professional development (CPD)
o Criminal history
o English language skills
o Professional indemnity insurance
o Recency of practice.
Provide evidence of three years of full-time equivalent experience in general practice or primary care
Complete your AHPRA registration application:
o If you have passed both AMC exams, apply for provisional registration
o If you have passed only the AMC CAT MCQ exam, apply for limited registration
o Excluding your PESCI outcome (see Step 6), the remainder of your application for registration must be complete

Part F: PESCI – undertake your Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview

We will support you to submit your application to sit the PESCI with the RACGP or another AMC Accredited PESCI provider
You will need to prepare for PESCI
Sit the PESCI
Receive your PESCI outcome report. The report will also be sent to your work sponsor or employer and to AHPRA directly

Part G: Complete your AHPRA registration application 

You will need to present to an AHPRA office for an identification check 
Wait for your AHPRA registration to be finalised 

Part H: Right to Work/Visa application (if relevant)

Once you are granted AHPRA in-principle approval, we will assist you with your application for the Temporary Skills Shortage 482 – Medium Term Stream Visa. 

Part I: Apply for your Medicare Provider Number 

Complete a paper application to obtain a Medicare Provider Number 

Part J: Complete 12 months of supervised practices 

Complete 12 months of full-time supervised practice
Undergo a workplace-based assessment or pass the AMC clinical exam
Key Feature Program exam 
Clinical Exam
Once all components are met, you can then apply to AHPRA for your general registration, at this point, you are eligible to apply to enter a Fellowship program.
Your journey onwards will look something like:
GP training programme 
o Must complete the Fellowship program training requirements 
Sit the RACGP Fellowship exams
Apply for Fellowship 

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