Your guide to becoming a General Practitioner in Australia

Specialist Pathway

Part A:

Sign up for an RACGP account.
Access the RACGP comparability assessment application platform.
Complete your comparability assessment application within six months of payment. Comparability assessments may take up to 10 weeks to process. You will be advised of your comparability outcome via email. Comparability assessment outcomes are valid for a year from the date of the outcome letter. (Please note that Comparability Assessments may take up to 10 weeks to assess)
After assessment, a comparability outcome is determined as substantially, partially or not comparable. Applicants whose outcome is deemed not comparable can register their interest for the Fellowship Support Program, a self-funded, education and training program. 

Part B: 

Job Search and secure an offer of employment in General Practice 
We will work with you to find suitable job opportunities that meet your lifestyle and preferences. 
Once we have secured an offer of employment in General Practice we will need to:
Obtain a letter of offer and employment contract from the employer/medical centre
Upload information about your job offer including supervisor details (if relevant), the scope of practice and location to the PEP - Specialist Stream application platform
RACGP assessors will review the information
Once your job offer is approved, we can apply for your AHPRA medical registration

Part C:

Applying to AHPRA for your appropriate registration 
The RACGP uploads Report 1, which is an interim outcome assessment, to the AMC portal:
o Substantially comparable: Apply to AHPRA for provisional registration
o Partially comparable: Apply to AHPRA for limited registration
o Non-comparable: Apply for the competent authority or standard pathways
Translate all documents into English and certify
Complete English language test (if needed)
Complete criminal history check
Ensure you meet the registration standards
Complete AHPRA registration application.
AHPRA will assess your application against the registration standards and decide if you are eligible for registration. This usually takes six to eight weeks.
If you are eligible, you will receive a notice of in-principle approval from AHPRA 
Present in person at an AHPRA office or your practice office for an identification check
If you are granted registration, your name will be published on the National Register of Health Practitioners within two weeks

Part D: 

Right to Work/Visa application (if relevant)
Once you are granted AHPRA in-principle approval, we will assist you with your application for the Temporary Skills Shortage 482 – Medium Term Stream Visa. 

Part E:

Apply to enter the PEP- Specialist Stream Program 
Apply to enter the PEP – Specialist Stream within 12 months of receiving your comparability assessment outcome
You will need to provide evidence of the following:
o AHPRA medical registration, including your name, must be on the National Register of Health Practitioners
o An approved job offer
o Completion of an advanced life support course
o An agreement with a suitable supervisor and two supervisor training plans completed by your practice
If all requirements are met, you will be provided with the Fellowship pathway agreement
Pay the invoice and return a signed program agreement to the RACGP

Part F:

Apply to RACGP for a Medicare Provider Number 
Complete the Medicare provider number application form and submit it to the RACGP
We will support you to have RACGP help you to apply for an approved placement, a Medicare provider number and to have your approved placement entered into the Register of Approved Placements.
It can take up to 12 weeks for the Medicare provider number application form to be processed by the RACGP, the Department of Health and Aged Care and Medicare
You will receive an approved placement outcome letter issued directly from Services Australia or Medicare that outlines your specific provider number, placement address, exemption/s, and placement start and end dates

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