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Australia 457 Visa Sponsorship Information for Overseas Trained Doctors

Australia 457 Visa Sponsorship Information for Overseas Trained Doctors

Global Medics Australia has been supplying locum doctors to leading public and private hospitals and clinics for primary care, acute, specialty services and mental health jobs in Australia for the past nine years. We are one of a very few approved recruitment agencies to be able to offer direct 457 visa sponsorship for up to four years to doctors that have general or specialist AHPRA registration.

The majority of overseas trained doctors start their careers in Australia on 12 month fixed term contracts with employer (hospital or GP clinic) sponsored 457 visas, which restrict them to working for the same hospital or clinic and prevent them from doing locum work elsewhere.

A key benefit for overseas trained doctors working with Global Medics as their employer is the ability to get direct sponsorship for a 457 visa and becoming a full time locum. In addition, after two years on a 457 visa, you are able to apply for the employer nominated permanent residence visa. Working as a full time locum doctor in Australia entitles you to many benefits including:

  • Lucrative hourly or daily locum rates
  • Working in different city and rural locations
  • Exposure to different types of medicine and patient presentations
  • Flights and accommodation are typically included in locum jobs
  • Opportunity to travel the country and take your family along with you

For more information regarding direct 457 visa sponsorship with Global Medics Australia call +61 2 8248 2900.