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Doctor from India Living the Dream in Australia

As a leading international recruitment agency, Global Medics is assisting hundreds of doctors secure their ideal permanent role and delivering exceptional service and assistance with any medical registration, visa and relocation requirements.

We recently assisted Dr Jai Kasushik, a GP from Jaipur, India who came to Global Medics seeking to follow his boyhood dream of working in Australia as a GP.

In early 2015 after passing all of the required exams, Jai resigned from his UAE post to start work in a clinic in Bendigo, Australia. However, just days before he was due to fly, Jai was advised that an issue had arisen with his application and he was denied the right to work. Understandably Jai was devastated as he had come so close to starting life in Australia.

At this point Jai decided to contact Global Medics Australia. One of our experienced Recruitment Consultant’s, listened to Jai’s predicament and immediately understood the situation and what needed to happen to resolve it. Within days we had found a solution and Jai had been granted the right to work in Australia.

Supported by Global Medics, Jai finally started work at the Eastwood Family Clinic in Victoria, Australia in October 2015.  Now fully settled in his life in Australia, Jai has been featured in several local newspaper articles and said, “It is the love of the community and patients that is motivating me all the more each day to keep working harder to serve the country I always wanted to serve. I am truly grateful to Global Medics for their enormous help in the arduous process.”

If you would like Global Medics to assist you with finding your next permanent role in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or the United Kingdom contact us at or click here to view all our current permanent roles.

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